lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

Look #21 - Lily & Mandy

Lily and Mandy, two little women, a servant and an innkeeper.
Lily and Mandy, after having been discovered to steal the inn of Miss Hannah, are entrusted to the king's justice, that as punishment, as maid Lily entrusts his son to the Lord and Mandy at the same innkeeper in exchange for room and board.

 Skin + Shape : Panda Punx  -  Miranda May (Marketplace Gift)
 Hair : .:Rumina Styles:.  -  Jackie - Brown (NEW!!!)
 Dress : Sweet Lies  - Camilla Outfit (Exclusive Samhain Fall 2013  Only 39L)
 Feet : *Slave* - Cure Barefoot (section Dressing Room 30L)
 Eyes : Amacci - Look eyes - Fire (Marketplace Gift)

   Shape : -= V =-  - Shape Torry (Marketplace Gift) 
   Outfit : Sweet Lies - Ximena Blue (Exclusive Samhain Fall 2013, also Green & Brow Color, 89L)
   Hair : .:Rumina Styles:.  - Jackie - Brown Ombre (NEW!!!)

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