lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Look #12 - Lady Morwen

The look I'm going to offer, it's great for the role play. Lady Morwen is little more than a girl, character strong-featured face hard and fiery red hair!
I love the world of RPG and in fact the photo was taken in the land, where I like to spend time with my friends to play.
The land CrossRoads is inspired by the famous story of the Game Of Thrones and for those who already know the story, we find ourselves in the island of Pyke!

I invite you, people like me who love the genre to visit the land and also visit the store from where this outfit came out fantastic.
GorGurls is one of the brands that produces clothes for the world of RPGs and I love most.
Even in a previous post I presented a dress of this brand, but as you may have noticed, with the right combination can be adapted also to a formal style.
I hope you like my proposal.
Kisses, Layra;

  Skin : AlVulo - Cecilia - Glitter Mocaccino (Group Gift)
  Hair : Elikatira - Caramel - Firey Reds
  Outfit : GorGurls - Gor Gets Practical Brown
  Necklace : Kosh - Multiplex Necklace (1L)
  Eyes : Ikon - Ardent Eyes - Pewter
  Shoes : *Slave* - Jen Boots 

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