domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Look #100 - It's Not Me It's You!!!

Lets get the story straight
You were a poison
You flooded through my veins
You left me broken...
        Skin : Pelle - Cristal - Med Skin (Lolas Applier, Various Make Up inside)
                                 Hair : Truth - Cheyenne - Reds
         Face Chain : Panik - Wrapped Cain V1 - Black (Group Gift)
 Outfit : M&M - Blanc High Vaisted Suit (New!!!)
                                  Lip Gloss : Glamorize - Rival Black Combo Make Up(Marketplace 1L)
Eyeliner : Mons - Makeups So Cute - Black (Marketplace 1L)
 Nails + Rings : [Mandala] - Milky Way Ring & Nails - Gaga Black

    So here we go again
The same fight were always in
I don't care so why pretend
Wake me when your lecture ends
Lip Piercing : !nfinity - Lip Piercing - Forever - Black (Exclusive Item  Of Pure Sales Room)
Collar : [Teri] - Nova NeckCorset Closed - Black Rare (Exclusive Item From Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
                        Outfit : V&C - Natasha (Multitextures, New!!!)
                        Tattoo : D.A. Tattoo Style - Impossible Is Nothing (Exclusive Item Of  Siria's Fashion Room)
                        Bracelet + Ring : [Mandala] - Lotus Chain Bracelet And Hand Rings - Black 

                                     Lets get the story straight
                                You were a poison
                        Flooding through my veins
                               Driving me insane
                       And now you're gone away
                            I'm no longer choking
                   From the pain you put me through
             And now I know that it's not me it's you

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