giovedì 21 novembre 2013

Look #46 - Shiera Woolfield

I'm not afraid of wolves, they protect me, they are my family, I grew up in this land, in the land of wolves, they have chosen me, they saved me and brought up, when there was not more for me to escape, even when I was about to be torn to pieces by a bear, they came and took me with them ... they are my family, we're a Pack

   BackPack : Sweet Lies - Fall - Autumn BackPack

Pose : *ED* - Random 01
    Skin : [Hush] - May Skin - Spring Blush - Cream
    Hair : Calico - Mantha - Reds
    Outfit : Sweet Lies - Moira Outfit - Garnet (NEW!!! available also Brown & Black)

<3 A Heartfelt thanks to Astoria and Ace, Wolf Mom and Wolf Dad <3

Song Suggested :

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