mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Look #40 - Memories Of Yesterday And Today's Life

Meeting an old photo, I look at it and immediately reminded of those moments of pure wildness where nothing and no one told me what to do, I was free!  
 Live your life always in the present, you never know what the future holds for you.
I used to be free and happy, and today, my only happiness is that of having to make happy those, for me live my life ...

    Shape : Body Illusion - Shape Jovy 
    Hair : Rumina Style - Liquorice - Brown Ombre Scale
    Tattoo : Body Illusion - Peace Tattoo *Unisex* (Marketplace 1L)
    Outfit : Sweet Lies - Tana Blue Outfit (Available also Purple & Yellow)

         Hair : Eaters Coma - Gift 03 - Chestnut (Group Gift)
      Dress : Sweet Lies - Rea Green Outfit (NEW!!!! Available also Purple & Red)
         Feet : *GA* - Tip Toe Bare Feet

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