martedì 15 aprile 2014

I hope to see you soon!

I state that I am very sorry, the blog is one of the things I love to do in the world of Second Life, but it seems luck is not exactly on my side!
between the various connection problems and unexpected events, my work is becoming more and more fragmented, and so I can not meet my sponsors and especially my imagination in making the photos, many times I have to do in a hurry. In this regard, I want to thank all of you, thank you very much but at the moment I decided to close the blog. I hope this is not a definitive closing, I hope to return one day to the fullest, and I hope that someday I can return to contact all of you without any problems! I'm so sorry, really, but at the moment I see no other solution. A kiss and a huge thanks to all of you!  

I just hope not to miss in the future when I come back :)  
Layra Draconia

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