sabato 4 gennaio 2014

Look #75 - You're Gonna Love Again

 Take a chance on a broken heart 'cause we're starting again

We gotta try even if it's hard
Try baby to understand
To find a rainbow in every storm, you gotta believe
Don't ever doubt that you do belong now
'Cause it started with you
It started with me

       Pose #1 : *ED* - Attitude 02 - Attitude 08 (Exclusive Item Pure Sales Room Event )
     Pose #2 : *ED*  - Attitude 02 - Attitude 06 (Exclusive Item Pure Sales Room Event )
     Shape : Etoile - Layra Shape 
     Skin : Glam Affair - Kaelyn - A Cold Day
     Hair : Truth - Parvati - Reds
     Make-Up : Glamorize - Rival Black Combo MakeUp (Marketplace 1L
     Outfit : M&M - Alaska (4 Color Inside - New!!!)

                                                      Hearts run right to the end
                            People come home you don't need to be scared
                                       'Cause you gonna love
                                       You gonna love again 

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